danielle and pablo, wanderlusting

May 28

The second I saw black walnuts in the farmers market I knew this could work. Strawberry Rhubarb Black Walnut Galette, anyone? Estofado de Pollo with a side of avocado? Smelts battered in flour and cornmeal and then deep fried? Making oneself at home begins in the kitchen.
From Miracle Mile, with love and appetite.


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Danielle and Pablo

Jun 25
Still a few more seats to fill at both.
Sep 13

Still a few more seats to fill at both.

Aug 9

Road tripping throughout the island. Whether searching for lechón in Guavate or heading south for one last look at the Caribbean Sea, the am radio, with its antique salsa tunes and boleros, was a constant and tender friend.

Aug 9

San Juan, mon amour. 

Aug 9

More from La Isla del Encanto. 

Aug 9

In honor of our  de Porres ♥ Borinquen dinner we’d like to share with you all memories of our recent trip to Puerto Rico.